Yahoo mail Keyboard Shortcuts

  List of shortcut keys
Shortcut Command How useful(?)
Shortcut Command +       –
m Check Mail +       –
Shft+m Check All Mail (includes all POP accounts) +       –
Ctrl+\ Close Current Tab +       –
n New Message +       –
Shft+n New Message in its own window +       –
r Reply +       –
Shft+r Reply in a new window +       –
a Reply All +       –
Shft+a Reply All in a new window +       –
f Forward message +       –
Shft+f Forward in a new window +       –
k Mark As Read +       –
Shft+k Mark As Unread +       –
l (that’s an L, not a one) Flag +       –
Shft+l (that’s an L, not a one) Clear Flag +       –
Your “delete” key Delete Item +       –
Ctrl+p – or just p ! Print +       –
Ctrl+s Save Draft +       –

Ctrl+Enter (Alt+s also supported) Send Message +       –
v Turn Reading Pane on and off +       –
Ctrl+[ Navigate through tabs-right to left motion +       –
Ctrl+] Navigate through tabs-left to right motion +       –
Enter (select a message first, or more than one) Open message in its own tab +       –
Enter (select a contact first, in Contacts) Edit contact info +       –
Ctrl+f Find a word or phrase in a message +       –
F11 Expand window to maximum height +       –
Ctrl+. (that’s Ctrl with the period) Next message (in message tab) +       –
Ctrl+, (Ctrl with the comma) Previous message (in message tab) +       –
To set this up, press: Ctrl+Alt+Shft+up arrow. Click the optn you want, then OK. Now: To use the Next (or previous) message with same Subject; Next (or previous) flagged message; Next (or previous) unread message; Next (or previous) from: _________ +       –
Ctrl+Shft+End Skip to oldest unread message +       –
d Move message to a folder +       –
Esc Close read-message tab +       –
Ctrl+Shft+c or c Start a new chat +       –


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